SEO Checklist: How to Easily Rank High in Search Engines

Follow this SEO Checklist to easily rank high in search engines. SEO can seem like a daunting task, but if you take steps to ensure that you cover some key components when building a website, you can easily and significantly improve your search engine page ranking. It is important to divide this list into three areas: 1. On-page - things...

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Design Thinking: A Journey of Discovery that Leads to Creation

Design is for doers. It is active, intuitive, creative, stylish, artifact-oriented. It is not cerebral, analytical, reflective, iterative, problem-oriented. If you need to engage with a designer make sure all the planning and heavy thinking is done first and then find a hot young creative super nova to sprinkle design dust on what's 90% there and make it look good....

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Design tip: How to Match CMYK or RGB to PMS Spot Color in Illustrator

In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to switch a color in your document from CMYK to the closest matching PMS in Illustrator. Ever had the perfect CMYK color in your document only to have the client ask for it to be all in spot? Maybe the client told you the wrong amount of stations that the printer...

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Own Brand Packages

The Challenge of Designing Own Brand Packages

The paradox of the own brand (aka: store brand, private label, control brand, house brand) is that it lives and works in a branded space without benefit of the full firepower of the branding arsenal. From its secure place on the shelf of a store whose retailer brand the shopper has already chosen—the own brand, threaded among the national marketing...

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3 Ways You Are Sabatoging Your Packaging

3 Ways You Are Sabotaging Your Packaging

My name is Ron Farnum. And I am a rampant, enthusiastic retail consumer. I love shopping, studying and buying products. Combined with my shopping addiction, I’m also the father of four kids. My annual spending at Target rivals the GDP of a small island nation. My love of buying stuff may be part of why I have been in the...

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Time Magazine

Time Magazine: Visual Language & the Written Word

In its June 22, 2015 edition, TIME magazine debuted a new look, it’s third in almost as many years. It's purported purpose was a simpler format, easier to read and the integration of its multiple platforms—digital, video, mobile and print. Even with these apparently functional and tactical goals, the magazine’s senior editors—journalists all, wordsmiths, reporters, storytellers who strum the power...

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