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Making confident decisions in an ever-changing market requires brand experience and intelligence. Gone are the days of “go with your gut.” Damen Jackson has evolved to deliver striking brand insights and creative solutions that are first and foremost grounded on analysis of your unique challenges and opportunities.

We’ve built a state-of-the-art network of intelligence operatives – from cultural anthropologists to consumer trend experts. Along with this wealth of human expertise and experience, we use a variety of brand research tools that deliver real time Market Analysis – qualitative and quantitative, primary and secondary research – allowing us to drill deep quickly and uncover opportunities. In partnership with our clients, we stay vigilant for that hidden grain of truth – an actionable insight – to inform our creative approach and move the needle for your brand.


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Audacy: Early Involvement Delivers Seamless Launch of Remote Lighting Automation System

Ideal Industries, long a leader in electrical fittings marketed to electricians and engineers, had developed a powerful new wireless lighting automation system and product line. Ultimately branded as Audacy, this product line propelled the company into a new and unfamiliar space: Technology. More importantly, the system and products could not be marketed to the traditional Ideal audience. We quickly determined that electricians and engineers are the installers but rarely the specifiers of a system like this. So Audacy’s brand positioning would first require Damen Jackson to identify the optimal customer for this product line.

Insofar as Audacy is primarily suited to large scale commercial and industrial installations, analysis revealed that architects are the principal influencers in Audacy’s path-to-purchase. So with an entirely new audience in mind, Damen Jackson undertook pre-launch research to uncover the insights and messaging strategies which would result in a successful launch. Ultimately, the Audacy product launch exceeded all expectations, with blue-chip installations in high visibility locations such as UCLA and Wrigley Field.

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LaChoy: Refreshing a Classic American Brand with Chinese-Inspired Authenticity

To compete with the growing number of more innately authentic Chinese food options, this 92-year-old American brand needed to become relevant again. Damen Jackson’s pre-design research fielded visual language assessment and semiotics analysis (the study of signs and symbols and their cultural meanings) to discover the graphic hot spot for Chinese inspired food from an American brand. This informed package design, resulting in viable alternatives for testing.

One-on-one interviews probed the delicate balance of authentically branding a Chinese-influenced (but historically American) portfolio of products. And we asked consumers through qualitative research to weigh in on authenticity and appetite appeal – all of this resulting in the successful restage of a classic brand.

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Carefree Kitty: Damen Jackson Thinks Outside and Inside the Litter Box

When tasked with creating new packaging and brand development for a kitty litter product, we engaged focus groups of cat owners to suss out what really makes the difference when they’re shopping for litter. At the time, the industry assumption – and our own – was that convenience and odor control were key. The problem with this premise, it turned out, is that these benefits focus solely on the pet owner rather than the pet. Our pet owners revealed that how their pets respond to a litter (e.g. Are they reluctant or eager to use it?) is at least as important as any owner benefits it provides.

To that end, Damen Jackson created a unique communication matrix on-pack – one for the owner and a different set for the cat(s). This delineation of two sets of features and benefits was used for infographics, printed sales materials and in-store merchandising. Comprehensive brand guidelines further prepared this established brand for a new era of success.

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