Bringing Batteries to Life

Damen Jackson brought a new kind of excitement to how manufacturing facilities do business

Bringing Batteries to Life


Damen Jackson brought a new kind of excitement to how manufacturing facilities do business

Brand Naming
Visual Brand Identity & Tagline Development
Video Production

EnerSys, a leading global manufacturer of stored energy solutions for industrial applications, had developed an enhancement for its line of motive power batteries. This new product was technologically innovative within the field and would not only improve the critical battery operations required by the commercial electric powered vehicles in warehouses, but also set a new standard for motive battery operations.

Considering that this new product was EnerSys’ solution for complete management of lift truck battery operations in large scale distribution and manufacturing facilities, the identity and launch of this new brand had to appropriately represent its impact within the field. Damen Jackson successfully built this brand and showed a conservative B2B company the benefits of thinking beyond the industry’s comfort zone.


The first step was giving this new product a name. Interestingly, development of the new brand was not restricted by any existing EnerSys guidelines. Therefore, Damen Jackson was free to roam the creative frontier. The name needed to be strong and contemporary, and we set our strategy in that heading. DJ discovered that the name needed to represent reliability. Following a rigorous review process, xinx was chosen as the new brand name.


With the name in place, Damen Jackson moved forward with developing the visual identity for xinx. We created five logo concepts and three tagline options. In the spirit of industrial technology, the concepts we presented to the client maintained clean lines and sturdy graphical elements. The chosen tagline— Predictive • Productive • Powerful —supported this.


The launch of this product, as with all new products, occurs internally first. Damen Jackson produced a two-minute video that was different in style and tone from all other accessible competitor videos, and it immediately identified the technologically unique brand identity of xinx.

This video served as a tool for the EnerSys and xinx sales teams to explain the product in a simple and visually appealing manner. Instead of relying on trite footage of warehouses, forklifts, batteries and the like, this video was animated with custom graphics, and resulted in a level of excitement and understanding of the product from the teams that have helped in sales and promotional efforts.