Exactly the Snack You’re Looking For

A tasty combination of trend insights and whimsical brand graphics.

Exactly the Snack You’re Looking For


A tasty combination of trend insights and whimsical brand graphics.

Brand Identity Development
Brand Strategy
Package Design

People have been snacking on Fisher nuts for more than 90 years. Yet even with all that history, the company maintains a youthful enthusiasm for creating new products. Capitalizing on insightful consumer trends and internal capabilities, the Nut Exactly product line was born. Light. Small. Moderately healthful, while still a bit indulgent, these poppable treats have only around 15 calories per snack bite.

To launch the new product, Fisher partnered with Damen Jackson to add a tasty dash of visual excitement. The brand identity, package design and creative merchandising displays scored in introducing the product to consumers. The market has rewarded Fisher’s on-trend snack with significant sales distribution in key retailers such as Costco and Roundy’s.


From concept to consumer, Nut Exactly was fun, and we developed a whimsical visual language and voice that reflected that fun–and linked the new product line to the well-known Fisher brand. The new Fisher Nut Exactly brand spoke to shoppers’ love for snacking, and rising above the blandness of familiarity.


Package design was a critical piece of the overall brand strategy. With limited advertising support for the new product, initial consumer exposure and purchasing decisions would rely heavily on visual branding elements in the retail environment. Shoppers had to intuitively understand what Nut Exactly is. Damen Jackson explored a variety of options before recommending Snack Bites as the best product descriptor. Simple, literal descriptions, such as Dipped in Dark Chocolate informed consumers of flavor combinations and generated indulgence appeal.


The whimsical package design was driven by the overarching brand strategy. A colorful wave generated visual energy and clearly differentiated between product flavors. Crisp, close-up photography was used to increase appetite appeal, and inset photos of the ingredients reinforced the healthy, natural aspect of the product.


With all of the visual components and the communication strategy in place, Damen Jackson created powerful yet simple merchandising systems for a variety of retail environments, which supported product visibility and consumer awareness.