A Partnership Worthy of a Pennant

Cubs team up with Sloan to improve water conservation in the Arizona desert

A Partnership Worthy of a Pennant


Cubs team up with Sloan to improve water conservation in the Arizona desert

Brand Messaging
Design & Visual Expression

When Sloan inked a deal to be the official Water Efficiency Partner of the Chicago Cubs, they called Damen Jackson to create the messaging around the naming and signage rights at the training facility in Mesa, Ariz. This included signage in the restrooms where Sloan products are prominently featured and sponsorship promotion in advertising campaigns within Cubs game programs and external magazine publications.

There were two target audiences of which DJ needed to be mindful. In the park restrooms, the audience was visitors from other baseball cities who could potentially be business owners interested in Sloan’s commitment to the environment, thus sparking an interest in forming a relationship. The publication ads were directed at business-owning Cubs fans who appreciate Sloan’s support of their favorite team.


With the partnership in place for the long run, Damen Jackson created Sloan Park restroom signage to build strong brand awareness–rather than simply promoting the new partnership. The signs served to educate visitors about Sloan’s and the Cubs’ commitment to water conservation using the brand tagline, “Water Connects Us” as a unifying headline for the various signs.

Excitement over the partnership was generated and announced through the publication ads. Using clever wordplay, we referenced the naming rights included within the financial agreement.


Installed in sets of three, the oversized restroom signs each focused on a different theme: sustainability, conservation and hygiene. Simple to understand and relate to, they shared the best intentions of both Sloan and the Cubs without being environmentally preachy. The publication ads utilized Sloan’s familiar visual brand standards while incorporating a whimsical theme and strong visual graphics to communicate that exciting changes were at play.