Using Experience to Create Societal Change

An expert in her field sets out to better society by building a new brand

Using Experience to Create Societal Change


An expert in her field sets out to better society by building a new brand

Target Audience Identification
Brand Strategy
Identity Development
Brand Positioning
Website Design
Collateral Design

After years of providing services to the corrections industry (jails and prisons), behavioral health expert Dr. Elizabeth Falcon saw an opportunity to provide a better kind of consultancy. With two other well-respected peers, Dr. Falcon recognized the socioeconomic value that providing sustainable societal transformations would provide and sought to create the ‘Mercedes Benz’ of consultancies in the corrections markets.

Damen Jackson approached this important charge understanding that the best of brands are able to elicit change and better our world through decisive action and a recognizable identity. We worked with Dr. Falcon in creating such a brand.


Utilizing primary and secondary research, Damen Jackson distilled the information about the corrections industry to identify the needs of its most influential leaders and Falcon’s truest audience. Dubbed ‘the Changemakers’ because of their belief in the possibility of societal and correctional reform, and their willingness to make it happen, we were empowered to conceptualize and create the brand Dr. Falcon and the Changemakers needed to succeed.


Damen Jackson leveraged Dr. Falcon’s vision of reducing recidivism among inmates through inventive solutions to create a brand strategy that would provide effective and lasting change throughout the industry and its markets. To develop the consultancy’s identity, we presented a range of conceptual and literal options, ultimately landing on a visual ID that best suited the founder’s vision. Recognizing the impact Dr. Falcon had on the industry from years of working and building a well-respected reputation, it became clear to DJ that the new brand should have the name of its inspiration. Thus, Falcon, Inc. was born.


Damen Jackson discovered that Falcon is unique in that it acknowledges the one critical aspect in the corrections industry that no other competitor is talking about—delivering a sustainable societal transformation through actual inmate rehabilitation and reduced recidivism. Every element of the brand inherently directs back to this position.


The Falcon website was built by Damen Jackson from the ground up. As a start-up, we understood the importance that the site be fully optimized for search in order to effectively gain awareness in the industry. DJ constructed a comprehensive, searchable website that utilizes crisp, modern design elements for a user experience that is simple and engaging, and effective in communicating the brand’s position and identity.

Furthermore, DJ is in the process of developing a robust social media program across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Knowing the importance of traditional media and communication vehicles, Damen Jackson created for Falcon a brand-centric ad campaign, trade show materials and administrative collateral such as letterhead, business cards, etc.