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Creative design services are in our DNA. Indeed, award-winning Product and Packaging Design Services launched our agency back in the ’90s. The following twenty-odd years have likewise established Damen Jackson as a bona fide leader in Video/Photography production, Collateral Materials and Retail Merchandising. Most importantly, our growth and evolution included meaningful investment in strategic capabilities, and by coupling our creativity with powerful insights Damen Jackson is now among the most effective players in the Brand Identity services space.


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Fisher: Packaging Grows Up – to Chase New Snack-Anywhere Grown-Ups

Snacking isn’t just for kids on the playground anymore. It’s a multi-billion dollar adult phenomenon that happens anywhere and everywhere. Fisher, a long-time Damen Jackson client, needed more than just a dusting off. In order to attract these hungry, fast-moving consumers, Fisher required a robust, contemporary redesign that built upon the heritage of this well-loved brand.

Our packaging design services resulted in a package that stands-out and stands-up on the shelf with an easy zipper closure to preserve freshness between snack attacks. Vibrant new graphics promoted the healthy, active lifestyle Fisher sought to fuel. Research quickly indicated purchase interest among Fisher consumers and non-consumers rose to 90% and 72% respectively.

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Disney: A Girl’s First Foray Into “My Own Product,” with the Help of a Good Friend

Most young girls between the ages of 9 and 12 boast a now familiar “Tween” mentality that drives them to make more of their own choices while exploring greater independence from mom. To meet that need, Disney enlisted Damen Jackson’s identity design services to develop a new personal care product line focused exclusively on this booming opportunity market.

Our naming exploration was ultimately guided by Tinkerbell, the Disney character who best embodied the spirit and spunk of a female Tween. With Tink Spirit as our name selection, we refined the entire product package line-up with designs that reflect youthful exuberance and the emerging independence of Tink Spirit.

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Xinx: An Exciting New Brand Identity that Breaks through the Clutter

EnerSys is a global manufacturer of battery systems for industrial applications – electric forklift trucks. Efficient management of battery operations is critical to managing workflow and profitability in any fleet warehousing facility. So EnerSys approached DJ about branding a new technology-driven product it had engineered to maximize the efficiency of industrial battery banks.

Naming would be our most fascinating challenge. A litany of possibilities bounced back from legal as potential conflicts. Any existing word which remotely telegraphed what the new system does just would not fly. So we dug deep and created “xinx”, a new word that is as intriguing visually – with its bookend Xs – as it is aurally.

Our exploration of visual brand identity would result in a top-to-bottom brand and selling kit, including bold new xinx logo colors – to ensure it stands out within the corporate portfolio as the brave new market venture it represents. A centerpiece of the sell-in at launch would be a short two-minute video. DJ created this vehicle to quickly explain how the product works and why it’s better than the competition. To make the video more arresting among the many dry, in-warehouse, narrated offerings more typical to this industrial milieu, we animated the entire film with custom graphics – thereby provoking more interest while simplifying all that might otherwise appear complicated about xinx.

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