Why Choose DJ?

At Damen Jackson, our package solutions are unlike other design agencies, because of our unique approach that starts with the consumer mindset. This strategic effort connects the brand messaging directly to the wants, needs and desires of your audience. The result is a powerful first impression and a meaningful connection between brand and consumer, ultimately leading to stronger brand loyalty.

Our Approach

Consumer/Brand Insight

We begin with a discovery phase, collecting and reviewing any brand materials and research you already have. Our goal is to identify the wants, needs and desires of your target audience, in order to understand their decision making criteria.


Once we understand the mindset of your audience, we establish visual and verbal elements for your packaging which meaningfully connect with and support that mindset. This step makes your brand different from your competition and establishes a connection with the audience.


The design phase is defined by careful alignment with the strategic direction from Phase 2. Our team leverages insights and brand positioning to establish unique ways-in to design. Each concept presented is strategically appropriate, ensuring subjectivity in decision making is minimized.

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