Award Winners

Graphic Design- USA
(GDUSA) winner 2017

Damen Jackson was tasked with creating packaging and merchandising designs that were exciting and interesting to attract the interest of the customer, but clean enough to provide a degree of simplicity for the dispensary.

Graphic Design- USA
(GDUSA) winner 2020

Creating a clean, simple design for Owens Corning was challenging given the amount of required regulatory information. By using DJ’s Communication Zone methodology, we managed to fit everything into an easy-to-read design.

Graphic Design- USA
(GDUSA) winner 2020

Baja by Azteca Tortilla Wraps were updated to incorporate Azteca as an endorser brand, and to reinforce their unique, enticing flavors using color and graphic illustrations.

Graphic Design- USA
(GDUSA) winner 2022

Award winner for global packaging redesign of the Differin acne care brand for Galderma.

Thank you Karen Murrie Kaplan, Ron Farnum, and the rest of the Damen Jackson family! Working with you guys on this project was fun, exciting and rewarding. Thank you for the hard work! Can’t wait to see the results of other projects that stemmed from this one 😉

Andres Supelanoiz

Differin Brand Marketing

“Damen Jackson has been a great partner and big part of our ongoing market success. Their team has a unique ability to maintain almost an equal balance between the self confidence of a strong POV while also having the humility to be genuinely open to other’s insights and opinions. They seem to truly appreciate the engagement and almost draw energy at times from feedback – viewing it as part of the creative process for their growth.”

Howard Brandeisky

J.B. Sanfilippo & Son

“Ron and the Damen Jackson team have the unique ability to take a complex problem and boil it down into something that is simple to understand. We work with DJ on a very high profile project that included many stakeholders and many deliverables within a short period of time. Ron led his team to successfully meet all out objectives without a hitch.”

Lisa Cody

Jarden Consumer Products

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