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Branding the Candidates

With all the chatter about personal branding and celebrity branding and managing your brand I got to thinking about the branding frenzy in this relentless presidential campaign. Brand messaging is…

Design Thinking: A journey of discovery that leads to creation

Design is for doers. It is active, intuitive, creative, stylish, artifact-oriented. It is not cerebral, analytical, reflective, iterative, problem-oriented. If you need to engage with a designer make sure all…

Design Tip: How to Match CYMK or RGB to PMS Spot Color

Ever had the perfect CMYK color in your document only to have the client ask for it to be all in spot? Maybe the client told you the wrong amount…

How to Run a Successful FAST Creative Program

Do you remember the old cubicle-wall sign that said: “Fast, Cheap or Great. Choose Two.”  I always liked that sign, but unfortunately, it was obviously written from a creatives’ point…