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SEO checklist: How to Easily Rank High on Google

SEO can seem like a daunting task, but if you take steps to insure that you are covering some key components when building your website, you can easily and significantly…

Start with Strategy

Ron FarnumFounder, Damen Jackson We recently had an intro call with a prospect – let’s call him Scott – to talk about marketing for his upcoming product launch. Scott has…

Time Magazine: Visual Language & The Written Word

In its June 22, 2015 edition, TIME magazine debuted a new look, it’s third in almost as many years. It’s purported purpose was a simpler format, easier to read and the integration…

Navigating Packaging Regulations

The guiding principle of packaging regulations makes good sense—ensure the safety of consumers. Like many government issues, there is a patchwork quilt of regulations for manufacturers to abide by. Some…