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Innovative Designs for 24 Years

At Damen Jackson, our brand insights create competitive differentiation for the brands we work for through our innovative package design. We don’t just stay up-to-date on the latest packaging design trends. We create them.

Our package designs are unlike any others because of our unique, brand-centric approach to packaging. Consumers respond to the containers we create because they aren’t just cardboard and plastic printed with words and images. They actually speak to their unique wants, needs, and desires.

Our Process

Brand Insights

We begin with an immersive discovery phase, followed by synthesis of the information we gather, culminating into a process of prioritization. We create a roadmap of brand insights to help your brand grow.

Creating Product

Within your competitive landscape, we will uncover your competitive advantage. Through our seamless integration of your products emotional appeal and its physical perspective, we set you apart from your competition.

Designing Innovative
Products & Packaging

Using our proven framework, we will transform opinions and ideas into compelling products and packaging with visual language that stand out in a competitive marketplace. We don’t follow trends. We create them.

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Award Winners

We consistently receive recognition and awards for our branding/packaging work by leading organizations in the design community

Curious and Creative

Our unique approach to branding and packaging uncovers that “special something” that speaks to the wants and needs of your consumers

Ahead of the Curve

We deliver state-of-the-art
products/packages that express the unique value proposition and benefits of our client's brands

Great Reviews

Thank you Karen Murrie Kaplan, Ron Farnum, and the rest of the Damen Jackson family! Working with you guys on this project was fun, exciting and rewarding. Thank you for the hard work! Can’t wait to see the results of other projects that stemmed from this one 😉

Andres Supelanoiz

Differin Brand Marketing

“Damen Jackson has been a great partner and big part of our ongoing market success. Their team has a unique ability to maintain almost an equal balance between the self confidence of a strong POV while also having the humility to be genuinely open to other’s insights and opinions. They seem to truly appreciate the engagement and almost draw energy at times from feedback – viewing it as part of the creative process for their growth.”

Howard Brandeisky

J.B. Sanfilippo & Son

“Ron and the Damen Jackson team have the unique ability to take a complex problem and boil it down into something that is simple to understand. We work with DJ on a very high profile project that included many stakeholders and many deliverables within a short period of time. Ron led his team to successfully meet all out objectives without a hitch.”

Lisa Cody

Jarden Consumer Products

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