Design Tip: How to Match CYMK or RGB to PMS Spot Color

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Ever had the perfect CMYK color in your document only to have the client ask for it to be all in spot? Maybe the client told you the wrong amount of stations that the printer has and you have to change an entire document’s colors back to CMYK. Whatever the case may be, here is a design tip that allows you to easily change the colors in your document.

In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to switch a color in your document from CMYK to the closest matching PMS.

Step 1.

Select the color / colors you want to change. Yes, you can do multiple colors at the same time.

Step 2.

Select Edit then click Re-color Artwork. A box will appear with several options.

Step 3.

There is a drop-down under the right side of the main box. Click on that and then choose the color book option of your preference.

Step 4.

Make sure the Re-color Artwork box is checked and then click OK. The artwork that you had selected is now in the mode you specified.

This works with multiple colors as well. So you could literally select all the colors in your document and convert them instantly to any color book.

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