Emerging Aeroponically Farmed CBD Brand

The Challenge

The legalization of medical marijuana in Illinois opened opportunities for emerging cannabis brands. However, strict regulations made promotion, advertising and merchandising the product lines very challenging. Damen Jackson was selected to create a new brand name, identity, and engaging packaging design to highlight our client’s unique aeroponic growing approach. We needed to develop a unique personality for this new brand while adhering to all the legal state requirements.

The Approach

First, we identified the Aeriz audience as a ‘Cannabis Connoisseur’, those who enjoys understanding nuances between strains and flavors and appreciates high-quality product. Then we highlighted critical differentiators that convey purity and consistency in the product, related to the aeroponic farming process. This led to a visually engaging brand identity and the use of colorful topographic patterns for product differentiation.

The Results

The finished product invites attention, differentiates product varieties and adheres to regulatory requirements. When Aeriz hit the market, GDUSA recognized Damen Jackson with a packaging design excellence award. In the ever-changing cannabis industry, the Aeriz logo remains unchanged, extending brand awareness and reinforcing market leadership.

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