A Whole New
Kind of Condiment

The Challenge

Brothers Todd and Scott Somers knew there was something interesting about Todd’s childhood practice of combining mustard and ketchup. So, the Somers approached Damen Jackson to bring their new product concept to life. With a sleepy condiment category at the time, the arena for product and flavor innovation was well-poised for this kind of disruption.

The Approach

We defined their audience of ‘Taste Explorers’ who appreciate bold, unexpected flavors and relished their role as food trendsetters. We created differentiated visuals that convey the ‘duh’ factor of “why didn’t I think of that?!” within the brand identity. Powerful graphics, eye-catching colors and clean label ingredients were used to create impact and intuitively connect with the audience.

The Results

Retail sampling programs were used to build awareness and recipes were created to promote product versatility. Today, MustKetch is a sponsor of Northwestern University athletics, available on QVC, Amazon and many retailers around the Chicagoland area.

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