Skin Care Products
Empowering Confidence

The Challenge

Differin was struggling to reach their long-term goal of being the #1 brand in the acne category, largely due to inconsistent packaging graphics that weakened branding on-shelf. Damen Jackson was selected to lead a complete packaging refresh, delivering a cohesive packaging system, improved shopping experience and stronger brand-blocking.

The Approach

We began by identifying the audience mindset of frustrated adult acne sufferers, who just wanted others to ‘see me for me, not my acne’. Our goal was to empower the consumer and graphically prove that Differin products were premium, innovative, and created by acne experts. The design refresh connected elevated brand equities with what the consumers desired – clear communication, contemporized design and credible messaging.

The Results

Consumer testing of initial design concepts revealed one design with the most positive responses ever seen by Galderma in the areas of appeal, brand blocking and ease of communication. This concept led a successful U.S. design refresh, with a full global rollout in Australia, Germany, Switzerland and other markets.

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