Benzac Power Patch

Dermatological-Grade Products with Proven Results

The Challenge

As a growing brand in the global acne category, Benzac was well-positioned to enter the trending acne patch segment. Recognizing that patches are a teen-driven impulse purchase, Damen Jackson was asked to create fun, visually impactful graphics with maximum shelf appeal.

The Approach

Knowing that these consumers were ‘insecure teen experimenters’, we focused our efforts on being truth-tellers with graphics that told a bold story. Bright, fresh and fun design elements made a powerful first impression, promising to ‘zap zits’ at any stage. Supporting messaging promoting speed, technology and convenience helped seal the deal with teens.

The Results

Recent research showed that the #1 reason teens buy this project is the packaging design! In addition to its powerful shelf presence, the graphics clearly communicate the product’s purpose and effectiveness, delivering fast-selling results to this new product launch.

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