Carefree Kitty

Cat Lover’s
Premium Choice Litter

The Challenge

Often mistaken as a house brand cat litter product at Pet Supplies Plus, the manufacturer of Carefree Kitty litter was interested in creating a stronger, more distinct brand image for their product. The previous packaging featured less-than-ideal photography of cats, the generic-sounding brand name “Premium Choice” and nondescript typography.

The Approach

To attain consumer relevance, Damen Jackson conducted focus groups with two dozen cat owners. We learned through this research that the photography used on previous package was alienating because only one cat breed was shown across all products. As we tested potential design solutions, illustration became the consumer favorite, with feedback informing us that stylized cats in the artwork were breed-agnostic and fun. In addition to design, we also leveraged insights from the research to develop unique on-pack product selection guides based on both cat’s and owner’s particular needs. Other marketing copy was added with fun, tongue-in-cheek attitude that resonated with this consumer profile.

The Results

Our packaging design was successfully rolled across the four litter SKUs, and new brand identity was extended to a new website, marketing collateral, tradeshow materials and product promotional items. We completed the program with a comprehensive brand style guide which documented a new brand voice and visual elements for future use across all consumer touchpoints.

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