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While your brand is the hero, your package is your primary platform. It is your first and last impression at the point of purchase and when in use. We encourage all our clients to step back and think about all the ways that you can fully leverage your package to drive sales, market share, and engagement.

Clearly the package design and graphics must work hard to deliver your brand promise, benefits, and claims in a clear and compelling manner. If it has been some time since you last did a packaging refresh, it might be worth looking at your package in the context of your competitive set to see if you sufficiently stand out on the shelf. In today’s hurried and cluttered retail environment, your package must work hard to get and keep customers.

What else does your package need to do?

Let’s take these issues on one at a time.

Sales is the number one priority for most brands.

Most consumers are more price sensitive at the grocery store due to prices that are, on average, 19% above where they were pre-pandemic. As a result, brands are not raising prices as aggressively as they have in the prior two years. That’s good, since many consumers have traded down to private label products or discount stores to make their monthly budget go further.

If your price premium vs. store brands is too aggressive, you may want to consider improving your value by offering a bonus pack where you give the consumer 15-20% more product for roughly the same price. This approach can mitigate the impact of your 2024 pricing actions in the near term and increase your sales. It does take some planning with your operations and sales teams to execute a bonus pack promotion, as you want to be sure that the larger package fits on the shelf and in shipping cases. And ideally, you want the special pack to be available at retail for 6-8 weeks before going back to normal package sizing and pricing.

Another good option to boost sales and market share is to include a coupon, either printed on the package or inserted into the package. Even though it can be a challenge for your operations team, all those coupons get into the hands of your current customers. Obviously, you should announce the coupon savings on the exterior of the package to maximize your sales impact.

Market share and usage are also where your package can be a weapon.

It is a time-tested strategy to provide recipes and usage ideas on the package so that customers come back for more product sooner. If expanded usage represents some upside for your brand, make it a year-long strategy to regularly refresh the recipes on your package. Drive customers to your website for ideas and promote usage suggestions on social media. Do not set it and forget it. Variety and usage ideas are not sexy, but they work.

Another means of increasing market share is to deliver consumer promotions via your package. Sweepstakes, discounts on other products or services, or bundled savings on brands with a similar target audience can be effective. These types of on-pack promotions tend to work best when synced with your trade promotion calendar, so that you get secondary displays to draw attention to the promotion.

Lastly, do not forget to use your package to enhance consumer engagement and involvement by connecting them to all your social media platforms. Invite and encourage dialogue especially among your most avid users. The more integrated your packaging is to your brand strategy and annual calendar, the more likely you see good things happen.

At Damen Jackson, we have the benefit of 24 years of working with almost 800 clients to help your brand stand out with messaging and design that sells. And we are here to fully leverage and enhance your brand at retail and at home.

Importantly, we are eager to help you grow your business. We are thinkers and doers with the appetite to tackle challenges large and small, whether you want an outside look at your brands, a focused project for a product launch, or a tune up for your messaging or look. Our fresh eyes are there to supplement and augment the experience of your leadership team, while multiplying the odds of discovering meaningful new revenue growth or sources of competitive advantage.

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