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Yep, it is that time of year again. The winter doldrums are behind us and all those deferred projects and fix-up lists are waiting for our attention. So, no more procrastination – the time has come, so let’s get on with it!

Product Line Rationalization

Spring cleaning is particularly relevant for taking a fresh, hard look at product offerings. Over time, after line extensions (including sizes, flavors) and special promotion packs, the complexity may now offset any sales benefit. Consider that short production run times plus changeovers increase costs. Plus, you may carry inventory of ingredients, packaging stock and finished product stock. As long as each line item is generating revenues that cover those costs, and is contributing to overall sales growth, then it is full steam ahead. However, if you have any items with declining sales or being discontinued by your customers, it might be time for some product pruning—spring cleaning, if you will.  The health and profitability of your business can benefit from this exercise.

Office-Related Cleaning

No, we are not talking about carpet cleaning. Although spot treatments on high traffic areas may be a good idea, as the first impression as visitors enter your offices can make a difference.

What we are talking about is the steady creep of files, documents, and samples that accumulate during the course of a year. In your workplace, on your computer, in your home office—stuff just piles up. And a lot of it is no longer needed or relevant. Pitch it! Create a spring-cleaning day at your offices with no meetings or interruptions of any kind. Bring in the recycling bins and shredders. You might even have some stuff that can be donated to a local non-profit. Yes, the cost of server storage keeps coming down, but your technology will run faster once you delete everything no longer serving your business. Enlist your IT folks to send out a refresher on PC hygiene, including spam and viruses, for this yearly clean-up event.

Your legal team can also do its part by examining all trademarks and intellectual property. Do you still need to protect all of it, or can you let some old stuff go? Look at vendor contracts as well to make sure information is current for the next year. Can you consolidate to a shorter list of providers and still get what you need? Or can you get better pricing due to higher volumes or longer contract terms?

A Yearly Event

Make no mistake, spring cleaning is hard but necessary work. Giving it the proper energy and attention, you will be glad you tackled it head on and continue to do so on an annual basis.

At Damen Jackson we stand ready to help advise on those vexing “keep or toss” decisions. Sometimes an outside voice can help get you to align on the best path forward to grow your teams and your business. We are deep thinkers with the courage to tackle challenges large and small. Our fresh eyes are there to supplement and augment the experience of your leadership team, while multiplying the odds of discovering and then leveraging meaningful revenue growth or sources of competitive advantage.

Let’s get some great work done!

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