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Ron Farnum
Founder, Damen Jackson

We recently had an intro call with a prospect – let’s call him Scott – to talk about marketing for his upcoming product launch. Scott has been interviewing multiple marketing agencies for the past few months and, like Bono, he still hasn’t found what he’s looking for. 

During the call, Scott mentioned that every other agency immediately told him he needed to get on social media right away. Every single one.

My reaction was shocking that multiple marketing agencies had given Scott the exact same advice. Recommending a tactical approach like ‘social media’ before establishing a brand strategy is the equivalent of a doctor prescribing anxiety medication to a patient before she even hears the patient’s symptoms. And every agency had written him the same prescription! 

Now, I fully recognize social media is one of the most powerful, affordable and effective tactics that has ever been available to marketers, and there is NO DOUBT that Scott’s marketing plan should include a social media component. But making social media the center of your marketing approach without strategy? That’s a super-soaker approach in a world of laser guns – you just aren’t going to last very long in that game.

Yes, ‘strategy’ can be an intimidating word, but in reality, it can be as simple as this: 

  • Identify WHO your audience is (hint: it’s never everyone)
  • Identify WHY your brand is relevant to those people (be honest and realistic)
  • Identify WHAT needs to be said to compel interest in your brand (differentiation) 

And do all of this BEFORE you decide where to put your messages. 

Why is this important? Because as a person responsible for the success of your business, product or service, you are accountable for the money spent on marketing. Hey, that money may even be coming out of your own pocket, so use it as wisely and effectively as you can. 

So while it is true that “social media” can be an inexpensive marketing tactic, it’s also a massive, wide open desert. It’s best to identify who you want to talk to – and get a map for finding them – before you fill up a canteen and start wandering out in the heat. 

If you need help defining your audience, differentiating your brand and creating a marketing roadmap, talk to us. Our StepZero process is designed to help you establish a strategic brand platform in weeks, not months, so you can start marketing faster and with far greater success. 

We are here to help you find what you’re looking for. 

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